On the Ribble

These photographs were taken on Thursday 9th September 1999 from the narrowboat 'Bosworth' on the cruise from Tarleton to Preston Marina.

Videoactive are making a video record of the construction of the Link and their cameraman was also aboard. Many thanks to Dave Dawson and his son Paul for their hospitality on what was a very smooth trip.

'Nova Stella' tacking down-river against the tide.
The entrance to Savick Brook at, or just after, high tide. The Lea Gate, on Blackpool Road, is in the background. The concrete block beneath the sign is one of a pair of foundations which supported a pipe bridge over the brook.
This photograph of the approach to Preston was taken just opposite the old dredger jetty. The entrance to the Marina is mid-way between the smaller pylons on the left and the church spire.
The entrance to the outer basin with the swing bridge and the control tower in the background.
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